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What are my insurance legal rights?

How do I read my insurance policy?

How do I make an insurance claim for fire damage to a home or business?

Does my insurance policy cover smoke damage?

How does my business insurance policy pay for my losses?

Should I give my contractor an Assignment of Benefits to pay for repair costs?

I ran a business out of my destroyed home, does my homeowners insurance cover it?

Does my insurance policy cover my art, jewelry, wine, or other valuables?

Does my homeowners insurance policy cover damage to non-business structures besides my home, like a shed or pools?

If I don't have the Protective Safeguards listed in my business insurance policy, can my claim be denied ?

What role does my mortgage play in the insurance claim process?

How do insurance policy exclusions work?

What is the difference between an insuring clause and an exclusion?

How do deductibles and policy limits  affect claim payments?

Why does the cause of my loss (i.e. smoke damage, fire, wind, water) affect my insurance claim?

What is Building Ordinance Insurance and why is it so important for older structures?

Why does my insurance claim payment include a deduction for depreciation, and how do I know if it's too high?

What is a total versus partial loss, and why does it make such a big difference in the insurance claim payment amount?

What is the appraisal process and for insurance claim disputes, and why does it matter?

What is a public insurance adjuster, and how do I check if they are qualified?

How can I reach the Department of Insurance for help?

I have an unresolved insurance claim -- can I sell my property and still receive the claim payment?

Northern California Fire Insurance Claims


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